Christian Informed Counselling

Counselling which is sympathetic to Christian beliefs, values and identity drawing on the best of historic Pastoral counselling, but also integrated with universally recognised psychological therapeutic insights. 

Sympathetic & understanding of faith

I am a member of the Association of Christians in Counselling, an ordained Baptist Minister & a registered Healthcare Chaplain with UKBHC. This means you can be assured that I can help you if you are specifically looking for a counsellor who is a Christian, who can explore your concerns or goals with understanding and support of how faith may be a consideration in your outlook and self-identity. This will be interwoven with sound complementary psychological and therapeutic practices and insights.  

Exploring spiritual distress and using it towards spiritual growth

Life challenges, crisis, loss and experiences can cause us to experience painful inner conflict with our faith and how we believe life should be for the faithful Christian. I am very experienced in helping people find a new depth of spiritual understanding and can help turn your current problems and challenges into an opportunity for spiritual growth. With a renewed faith perspective you can make sense of life as it really is rather than for what we may wish it to be.  

Healthy Self-identity founded in God

I believe psychologically and spiritually everything is founded on accepting and experiencing the truth that we each have intrinsic worth and value and are loved by God who made us with dignity in his image. 
We are born good 
(See Genesis Ch 1) and though we ‘fall’ (Gen Ch 3) and our goodness can be distorted, through the active power of the Holy Spirit we are being reorientated toward our essential goodness through the life and work of Jesus Christ. Loving ourselves and valuing ourselves in the light of how God see us helps us to have positive self-regard and a healthy self-identity as a beloved child of God and a friend of Jesus. 

Inclusive, affirming & progressive outlook

I would describe myself as a spiritual Christian rather than a religious one, by which I mean it is about a relationship and conscious connection with God through Jesus by the Spirit rather than upon the observation of religious rules & dogma. I consider myself progressive and inclusive and am specifically affirming regarding sexual identity. I am an accredited and ordained Baptist Minister but very ecumenical and experienced in supporting Christians from all backgrounds as well as experienced in supporting the spiritual needs of many non-religious persons as well, based on their values, beliefs and agenda. Whilst I am happy to share the hope that I have with gentleness and respect to anyone who asks (1 Peter 3), I do not impose my personal faith on anyone. 

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